Eco-Congregation Scotland Values, Vision and Mission Statement

As Eco-Congregation Scotland has grown so much over the past three years, the board of trustees decided that we should try to define in clearer terms what our values, vision and mission are. This is helpful in explaining what we do to new congregations, funders and people we have never had contact with before.

The process started at a special meeting last December to which all registered congregations and members were invited. This was a facilitated discussion involving over thirty representatives of eco-congregations from across Scotland. By the end of the meeting they had identified the main things that we do and the values that we represent. This first draft was then sent to over 900 people with an interest in Eco-Congregation. Their responses were collated and given to a group of trustees who looked at the main points being raised and produced the final draft.

This is the final version that was then adopted by the board on 13th February 2014:


Eco-Congregation Scotland Values, Vision and Mission Statement

Our Vision

  • A Scotland that cares for God’s creation, now and forever.

Our Values

  • We care passionately for God’s creation
  • We are a faith based movement
  • We are rooted in local groups of Christians
  • We work co-operatively with each other and with others who care about the environment
  • We encourage transformational change at individual, community and national levels

Our Mission

  • In prayer, worship and conversation we discover what it means to care for God’s creation
  • We put that care into action individually, locally, nationally and globally, desiring to live justly in a transformed world
  • We commit ourselves to campaigning on urgent threats to the web of life in our vulnerable world