Enough Food IF at Fairlie Parish Church

Fairlie Parish Church have been active drumming up support for the IF campaign with their local M.P. members of the Adult Education, Christian Aid and Fairtrade Group in Fairlie Church. They meet on the 1st March to put pressure on the government not to slash the 0.7% aid given to people in need all over the world.

Enough Food IFIn photo: at the front is MP Katy Clark with Ailsa Henderson and at the back members of Christian Aid in Fairlie including our eco representative with Ann Gregory.

Margaret Keir, the Fairlie local organiser for Christian Aid said

Many churches and aid agencies have come together in this campaign: before the budget is announced we need to ensure that our aid giving will reach the agreed target of 0.7% of national income. We know there is enough food for everyone, if the government takes a lead in stopping big companies dodging the taxes they owe in poor countries.

Since this event the government have confirmed that 0.7% of the UK national income has been set aside for aid. This achievement has been largely a result of the pressure put on politicians from local groups such as the Christian Aid and Fairtrade group in Fairlie and others through the IF campaign. Well done!

Would you like to learn about the IF campaign and how you can get involved? Come to our Annual Gathering on the 20th April at the Grassmarket Community Project in Edinburgh.

To register for the gathering complete the Registration form and send it Oyunn Anshus on oanshus@cofscotland.org.uk or call us on 0131 2402277. We hope to see you there!