Enough Food IF at the Annual Gathering on 20th April

IFChristian Aid and SCIAF will spend an hour at the Annual Gathering to introduce you to the IF Scotland campaign and explain why and how to get involved.

A guide to IF – Why now?

Nearly one billion people go to bed hungry every night and two million children die from malnutrition every year. We’ve made progress in other areas, but hunger is still the great scandal of our age. All around the world, even in the UK, people are struggling to feed their families.

In 2013, the government has promised to provide 0.7% of national income for aid and to host a Hunger Summit.

We must make sure they keep these promises.

In June, the world’s most powerful leaders will meet in the UK at the G8.This is our best opportunity to tackle hunger. We must make IF happen.

Text borrowed from the IF campaign website.

There are ongoing campaigns you can take part in Scotland right now.

To read more about them you can access the IF Scotland page here.

If you would like to take part in the Gathering you can access the full programme: Annual Gathering 2013 Registration. The Registration form can also be accessed in WORD. Please contact Oyunn on oanshus@cofscotland.org.uk or by post: Eco-Congregation Scotland, 121 George Street, Edinburgh, EH2 4YN to register for the Gathering.

If you are having problems completing the form do not worry. As long as we get your name, workshop choices, dietary/special needs and your contact details we can register you.

All Welcome!