Fairtrade Creme Eggs for Easter

SPEAKSPEAK is a network of students and young adults who campaign and pray on issues of justice. They are positively encouraging Cadburys UK / Kraft Foods UK to make the iconic Crème Eggs FairTrade.

Rob from SPEAK has shared this prayer:

Jesus you give JOY,
Would you move to expand the JOY about
Everyone who works to produce the Cocoa and sugar
which go into the Cadburys Crème Egg.
And then in creating the necessary actions
from Cadburys and Kraft people
that their dealings with all in Ghana, India
and other lands involved
will be JOY giving
as JOY is expressed this Easter.
That in 12 months time as we roll the egg stone away again,
We will eat Fair Trade Crème Eggs JOYfully
and join in JOYFUL celebrations internationally.
Jesus, your Kingdom come.

SPEAK is suggesting that you write an email to the CEO of Cadburys UK / Kraft Foods UK, Maurizio Brusadelli – mbrusadelli@kraftfoods.com, to encourage the swich to Fair Trade to give farmers a fair price for their produce.

Read all about this initative on the SPEAK website.

Happy Easter from Eco-Congregation Scotland