Faith communities explore concrete climate action at COP22. #cop22

From the World Council of Churches:

Rev. Dr Peter Pavlovic, study secretary at the Conference of European Churches and part of the World Council of Churches Working Group on Climate Change, urged organizations to carve a clear role for faith-based communities. “The Paris Agreement was a moment of hope, and for many of us it was also a recognition of climate change as a moral issue,” said Pavlovic. “Paris was a step forward in that regard, as this fact has now been recognized by many political leaders.”

Pavlovic moved on to stress that it is possible to transform this ethical issue into concrete action. “We need partnerships with businesses, but also with other organizations and parts of society as well as politicians,” he said, and concluded, “The role of faith organizations has to be to motivate people to such cooperation and action. Climate change is about transformation, and faith communities are about transformation as well. They can therefore contribute to a new lifestyle. We have to change both production and consumption.”

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