Fracking and faith, BBC Radio 4 – Monday 24th, 4.30pm

Beyond Belief, a BBC Radio 4 religious affairs programme considers fracking and faith next week, Monday at 4.30 pm. Find out more at

A new word has entered into our common vocabulary recently. Fracking is the process whereby shale gas can be released from beneath the earth’s surface. On the one hand, it’s argued that fracking could give us enough gas to meet our short to medium term energy needs; on the other hand, there are those who fear it will do lasting environmental damage. How do you balance short term needs with long term environmental priorities? Western Christianity has been accused of promoting an exploitative relationship with the environment. Has Religion anything to contribute to the debate?
Joining Ernie Rea are the Rev Michael Roberts, who trained as a geologist; Martin Palmer, Founder of the Alliance of Religions and Conservation: and the Rev Chris Halliwell, Rural and Environment Officer for the Diocese of Blackburn.