Friends of the Earth Scotland: Help rescue Glasgow’s Low Emission Zone


From Friends of the Earth Scotland:

Glasgow Council has just revealed their proposals to tackle the city’s toxic air pollution. But their Low Emission Zone plan is desperately weak and will do almost nothing to fix this public health crisis. LEZs are also planned for Edinburgh, Dundee and Aberdeen so it is vital for everyone that Glasgow sets high standards.

Their plan is very unambitious. It aims for only 20% of buses to have the cleanest emissions by the end of 2018. This is despite a huge pot of public money being available to bus companies to pay for them to improve 70-100% of buses this year.

It also fails to give any clear timeline on when the Zone will apply to dirty cars, vans and lorries. This means people in Glasgow will continue to breathe in toxic fumes from traffic and suffer ill health.

It is really important that Glasgow Councillors get the message that they must improve these plans before they meet on Tuesday 20th March. You can quickly email members of the Committee now and encourage them to increase their ambition on air pollution.

Click here to email Glasgow councillors with your concerns.