Funding for insulation in church buildings.

As temperatures drop, the Energy Saving Trust has been receiving a lot of enquiries about insulation. However, there has been some confusion about who gets what for free.

Many local authorities across Scotland offer free insulation to householders.
However, the scheme is limited to domestic properties.

Churches fall under the category of ‘non-profit organisation.’

Energy Saving Trust offers churches a free, detailed energy review and, depending on the recommendations which result, an interest free loan to implement the changes.

They can usually suggest a number of worthwhile energy- and money-saving measures, ranging from no cost and low cost, to others (like insulation) which require some investment.

Further information on this can be found here:

If your church is looking to fund an insulation/energy efficiency project, another avenue for funding could be the Climate Challenge Fund (CCF).

CCF grants up to £150,000/yr provide funds and support for community groups, (including faith groups), to fit insulation and other energy efficient measures in community owned buildings such as churches and church halls. To qualify for funding these buildings must be owned, managed and used by the community; grants cannot fund projects in buildings that are used exclusively for worship.

For a community group to be eligible for a CCF grant they must be community led, operate on a not-for-profit basis, prove they can achieve measurable cuts in their carbon footprint within their neighbourhood and leave a sustainable legacy in the community.

CCF grants are available until March 2015. For more information and full criteria please see or call a Development Officer on 01786 468 779.