God fill our hearts to the brim [hymn poem based on the Prayer of St Basil the Great, C4]

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God fill our hearts 

Hymn poem to meter  11 10 11 10  cf CH4 327 Was lebet, was schwebet.  [**Nb quick “dotted” extra syllable at the end of  v2 and  v4  line 3 ]Based on the prayer of St Basil the Great – c.330-379AD And inspired by Matthew 18:18

1) God fill our hearts to the brim for all sharing

life that you give and the life  you sustain:

microbes to whales as from nations  to oceans:

Deep Hospitality too, is your Name.

2) God, keep us robustly loving, with wisdom:

mindful of when to step in and step back;

mindful of harm when we claim Earth exclusively:

unjust exploitative selfish attack!

3) God you gave senses to read every warning;

even as praise is supplanted by pain.

Blinkered and armoured, our rich ones denying:

favouring ruin and death as their ‘gain.’

4) Give us  delight, now,  in every life’s sweetness

lived for the good of the Earth and your praise.

Stories be told that will celebrate unity:

Heaven and Earth, woven beautiful ways.