Helensburgh Eco-Congregations Beach Clean

20 volunteers from the three Eco-congregations in Helensburgh cleaned the beach from Kidston Park to the Logie Baird statue. The rubbish had mainly been washed up from the River Clyde,  but there was also a large amount of peoples food litter. clothing and household waste, we also removed  several tyres. The smaller items in great number were plastic bottles and glass.

Helensburgh Beach Clean

We have done the beach clean each year and this year the beach seemed generally cleaner but we still managed to collect 27 bin bags of rubbish plus assorted larger items.

Helensburgh Beach Clean (2)

The beach would look so much better, if people took more care disposing of their rubbish.

Helensburgh Beach Clean (3)

Thank you to the Helensburgh Eco-Congregations for their fantastic effort and to Elizabeth Lambert for sharing text and photos from the day.

Would you like to arrange a litter pick in your area? Please contact Clean Up Scotland for a free kit and to register your Clean Up event. For more information access the information pack by clicking here.