How to get an Eco-Congregation Award!

Did you see that we have award plaques all ready to go? So how can you get your hands on one? Well our award process is very simple and there is still time to get one this year!



Download the application form on our website and start telling us everything you’ve done to green up your congregation. Once you’re happy with it, just shoot it over to us in an email!

If you’d rather pop it in the post, you can print it and send it that way too!

Not sure if you’re ready yet? Start with church-check up to see how you’re doing. You might be more prepared than you think!








Save the date!

Once we get your application approved, we’ll get to work selecting two assessors for a visit to your church.

They’ll get in touch with you to find a date that works for everyone.






The assessment is an informal chat about your projects and ideas which aims to give the assessors an idea of all you’ve done!

We’ll pair you up with an environmental assessor to hear about your practical work while our church assessor will look at the spiritual component of creation care in your congregation.






Eco-Congregation Award Plaques

Congratulations!  The assessors will let you know on the day of the visit if they are recommending you receive an award. They’ll send us their report, we’ll look it through, then send you an award plaque along with the assessors notes on commendations and recommendations.

You can now count yourself among the growing number of award winning Eco-Congregations!



If you are interested in more detail, please have a look at our award page.