Hymn Poem Proper 13A: With Time running out!

Hymn for Proper 13A: Genesis 32.22–31  Matthew 14.13–21

Tune: St Denio (CH4 132)

1) On margins, with nothing,  but time running out,

God’s people discover what faith is about:

Tell  stories discarded when all had seemed well

Whilst  sifting and sorting and bidding farewell!

2) When crowds gather, desperate, with violent intent

Christ heals and Christ teaches to channel dissent

to peace for the Earth and for feeding of souls:

resilience, compassion, forgiveness enrolls.

3) When Heaven’s in crisis and Earth has grown hot

fires, storms, on the acid seas, cry out to God.

We’ll hide from injustice – or will we take heed

how hope faith and joy can transform times of need?

4) The Earth is a prophet, proclaiming God’s Word

who wrestles with those who pretend they’ve not heard:

Injustice harms people and planet and flesh,

though hope, by God’s grace, may Earth’s  future refresh!