IFEES/EcoIslam Plastic Free Iftar Campaign

Those of you who have been involved with Eco-Congregation Scotland for a while will know that we keep in touch with our Islamic equivalent the Islamic Foundation for Ecology and Environmental Studies. We hosted a joint event at the Edinburgh International Science Festival a few years ago.

Now, as part of their EcoIslam initiative IFEES is asking Mosques to find alternatives to plastic during Iftar. Iftar is the breaking of the daily fast and often takes place communally in the Mosque.

Here is their information:

As part of our campaign to encourage mosques to set a positive example around Islamic environmental stewardship for their communities, IFEES/EcoIslam are advocating a more sustainable approach to the communal iftar working toward reducing the environmental impact of such events.

World Environment Day #WorldEnvironmentDay falls this year on 20th of Ramadan and has the theme of “Beat Plastic Pollution” and so IFEES/EcoIslam is encouraging mosques to hold  a Plastic Free Iftar #PlasticFreeIftar on that day.

We have put up some recourse etc to help Mosques and other organisation to hold a #PlasticFreeIftar or Eco Iftar . You can find these HERE


So, here is a challenge for churches. Can you reduce your use of plastic in your communal catering?