Join @sccscot to learn about #COP21 and find out what we can do about #ClimateChange

On 26th-27th September, Stop Climate Chaos Scotland (of which Eco-Congregation Scotland is an active member) will be showcasing community-led initiatives to address climate change, tackle injustice and power the move to safe, clean energy we need. People across the country can come along to an event near them, learn about what’s happening in Paris, how they can get involved and meet others who are concerned about climate change.
SCCS members will be running four free training events over the weekend:

Dundee: Sunday 27th September
We will discuss how we build Scotland’s climate justice movement towards Paris and beyond through supporting community-owned renewables and fossil fuel divestment campaigns. We’ll also develop our skills using social media, lobbying elected representatives and other practical tools for sustainability.
Hosted by Friends of the Earth Scotland:

Edinburgh: Saturday 26th September
Grow your skills and inspiration; hear from other ordinary campaigners and get to grips with the building blocks of developing an effective campaign. As part of the To Paris and Beyond weekend of climate-related events, the workshop will include a session dedicated to climate campaigning.
Session run by WWF, day organised by Take One Action:

Glasgow: Sunday 27th September
Hear about why Paris COP21 is such a vital conference. Get a sneak peek of what will be happening at the Scotland rally. Meet other people concerned about climate change. Learn how to use social media to get more people engaged in climate campaigning. Gain skills to engage with politicians about climate change.
Hosted by Oxfam Scotland:

Inverness: Sunday 27th September
Find out the facts about how climate change is affecting wildlife and habitats and the potential for Scotland to do more. Learn about how nature can help us be resilient to the impacts of climate change and what actions we’re calling for. Getting involved has no age restriction and there is something for everyone from expert talks to family-friendly hands-on workshops to youth training for how to lobby your politician.
Hosted by RSPB: