Join us in Edinburgh on 28th November to march for climate action.

Stop Climate Chaos 11


2015 is a crucial year in the fight against climate change. This December, world leaders will meet at the UN climate talks in Paris to negotiate an international deal to limit global warming.
A fair and ambitious agreement is vital, but whatever is agreed in Paris, it won’t encompass everything needed to reduce global emissions and help those in poorer countries who are already affected by the impacts of the changing climate. At the same time as pushing hard for the best deal possible in Paris, we must also keep up the pressure at national, regional, local and community levels: where change is actually put into practice.

Join hundreds of thousands of people in capital cities around the world marching for climate action as the UN climate talks in Paris begin. Take part in the Scottish march for climate action in Edinburgh on Saturday 28th November.

Eco-Congregation Scotland is a member of the Stop Climate Chaos Scotland coalition which is organising this family-friendly march.

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