Latest from Christian Aid on climate change.

As we have witnessed just recently south of the border, more extreme and less predictable weather is having an impact on people’s lives all over the world. James Kheri, supported by one of our Christian Aid partners, explains:

‘You need to plant, knowing that it will rain in the next two or three days; if it doesn’t you can lose your seed. Before, we used to be able to predict the rains by the time of year, and see the signs. Now we can’t. The temperature would rise and we would know the rains were coming. But now the temperature rises, the winds come, but there is no rain.’

In sub-Saharan Africa, recurrent droughts have caused widespread hunger and wiped out the incomes and livelihoods of millions of farming communities. Rising sea levels due to warmer temperatures and melting ice are causing farmland to be contaminated by sea water in countries like Bangladesh, and in Latin America shrinking glaciers are posing a threat to water supplies and farming across the entire Andean Region.

Today 870 million people will go hungry and climate change is one of the reasons why.

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