Let’s help those harmed by climate change.

Article on Climate Justice and SCIAF from the Scotsman:

But now the people of Rwanda are in danger again – this time from climate change. Around 70 per cent of people rely on farming to survive. However, in recent years rising temperatures and more frequent and severe floods and droughts have made it harder for families to grow food and earn an income.

Farming communities can no longer rely on expected rain patterns and struggle to know when to plant their crops. Poor water management systems, a growing population and changes in the weather leave many families without sufficient water or food.

With the assistance of the Scottish Catholic International Aid Fund (SCIAF), which is a SCCS member, Scotland’s Climate Justice Fund has helped by building water tanks to capture rain so farmers can irrigate crops in dry periods.

One who has benefited is Berthilde Mukarutabana who can now water her crops and provide her family with clean drinking water, even in unpredictable dry periods.