Light the Way Vigil 24th September #ourvoices #LightTheWay


A message from OurVoices:

On 25th September Pope Francis is going to speak to world leaders gathered at the UN, when new global goals are set for climate change, poverty and inequality.

The night before on Thursday 24th, we’re joining with many others to hold vigils around the world to show leaders we want big ambitious goals equal to the challenges, and action to make them happen.

Click here to find a vigil near you or find out how to start one yourself:

This is a chance for the citizens of the world to Light the Way, to call for action from world leaders, and through our vigils inspire them to act. Many, many people are joining the effort already so add your light and let’s make this HUGE.

The refugee crisis in the Middle East and Europe gives us a sobering glimpse of what a less stable world looks like. But the rising calls of solidarity, the welcoming banners at football matches and the offers of spares rooms in family homes across Europe shows we are capable of building something better. The great challenges we face can unlock the best of us. And the shift from our politicians’ initial uncaring stance to more constructive comments and welcoming more refugees – shows the impact of people power. When we demand better, we can get it.

There are vigils taking place around the world, and more are being organised every day. Sign up here to find one near you:

But even if there isn’t a vigil near you, you can still take part at home by organising your own pop-up vigil on your own, or with friends and family with these easy steps:

1. Decide a time for your vigil on the 24th and if you’re going to invite other people, let them know as soon as possible, so it’s in their diaries.
2. Gather the things you need in advance – candles, lanterns, or solar lights, as well as prayers or songs for the vigil. We’ve put together this resource to guide you.
3. Set the scene – on the evening of your vigil find a place that’s quiet and meaningful to you, turn down the lights, light your candles.
4. During the vigil – we’ve written this sample order of events, but you can change it to whatever you think is right. The vigil could be only a few minutes or last through the whole night! We’ll be with you in spirit through the night at the vigil outside the UN.
5. Share images and videos of your vigil using the hashtag #LightTheWay and tag @ourvoices2015 on Twitter if you’d like to us retweet your photos.

September the 24th is going to be an incredible, historic moment. Be a part of it, and help light the way.

Thank you for everything,
Alex, Tessa, Fletcher & the OurVoices team