LOAF your food with Christian Ecology Link

The LOAF project  is all about food. It is an appeal from Christian Ecology Link to churches and other organisations to make use of the LOAF principles when planning community meals. LOAF stands for, Local, Organic, Animal-friendly and Fairly traded. Food sourced as locally as possible, grown and reared as sustainably and chemical-free as possible, paying due attention to animal welfare and biodiversity, and ensuring fair relationships between producers and consumers.


The decisions we make about our food have far-reaching effects, influencing the way food is produced and animals are treated. LOAF meals can raise questions about overexploitation of soil and people, fishing methods which bull-doze the ocean floor, and industrial agriculture’s dependence on oil for transport, fertilisers and packaging.

Would you like to learn more about LOAF and download some useful resources? Check out the Christian Ecology Link LOAF page.

What we choose to eat is an imporant part of our everyday lives. Our Annual Gathering this year is all about food and how our food choices impact our environment. It will take place on Saturday 20th April at the Grassmarket Community Project building in Edinburgh. Complete a Registration form and send it to Oyunn Anshus on oanshus@cofscotland.org.uk. And yes, there will be a sustainably sourced lunch on offer!