Loving our world this Valentine’s Day. #ShowtheLove #BigShift


Over the summer of 2017, an incredible 18,000 people including Christian Aid Scotland supporters called on the Scottish Government to get ambitious about climate change. Campaigners old and new asked the First Minister to stand up to climate change and to create a better future for people in Scotland and around the world.

We asked for a target of zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 at the latest, and a reduction of 77% by 2030. We asked for assurances that future finance budgets will be consistent with our climate targets. And we asked the government to commit to actions that will ensure greener farming, energy efficient homes and cleaner transport.

But we want climate ambition all over the UK.

Together with hundreds of organisations across The Climate Coalition, Christian Aid marks Valentine’s Day by celebrating the things we love that are threatened by climate change. From special places to the people we care about around the world, climate change holds huge risks for all that we hold dear. Across the country, people are making and sharing green hearts to start conversations about the world we love, and how we must better protect it by tackling climate change.

This Valentine’s Day, we want to remind our high street banks that their current investments are fuelling climate change and leaving us heartbroken.

The banks agree that climate change is a big risk to our futures and that they need to do something about it. But they’re continuing to fund the dirty fossil fuels that make the problem worse, despite the calls of over 15,000 Christian Aid supporters to stop.

The banks want us to believe that they care about us — but their actions speak louder than their advertising.

If they continue to fund fossil fuels, the banks will leave us more than heartbroken. The people and places that we love around the world will be devastated.

The banks take a lot of notice when you send them something in the post. So, this Valentine’s Day why not send them a card?

Tell them about the things and people you love now threatened by climate change. Tell them that their current loans and investments are leaving you feeling heartbroken. Tell them that the time to show their love for people and planet is now.

If you’re part of a group, you could get even more attention by creating a giant green heart. Take it to your local branch and explain to passers-by why the banks are currently leaving you heartbroken.

Tweet the pictures at the bank using #ShowtheLove and #BigShift, and please send them to us so we can marvel at your creativity and collate them for the banks.

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