Low Carbon Britain report

A new report from WWF and Cambridge Econometrics  suggests that reducing the UK’s carbon emissions by around 60% by 2030  would:

  •  increase UK GDP by 1.1% in net terms
  • result in at least 190,000 additional jobs being created across the UK economy
  • mean households are financially better off compared to a scenario where little is done to reduce emissions.

This directly contradicts the assumption that environmental protect ion would cost jobs and reduce economic growth.

You can read the report at:  http://www.wwf.org.uk/what_we_do/tackling_climate_change/how_we_re_tackling_climate_change/our_climate_work_in_the_uk/the_value_of_a_low_carbon_britain/

An infographic has been produced by WWF which you can view here.