Menstrie Parish Church

Menstrie Parish Church gained their first Eco-Congregation Award ! Congratulations!

The award assessors commended the congregation particularly on their ongoing commitment to eco-congregation work, which is demonstrated by the careful and detailed carbon footprinting and the wide range of environmental concerns in regular worship and spiritual life of the church. It is also well supported by the Minister’s knowledge and all-pervading interest in the environment, which gives a very strong base to a variety of links between faith and environmental concerns. They were also very impressed by the involvement of all the age-ranges in environmental activities and the very good start that has been made in measuring the energy consumption of the church buildings over a year, analysing the results and then committing to finding ways of reducing carbon emissions. Figures are to be submitted for a second year, which should yield a very useful comparison and help identify the causes of specific anomalies, as well as potential reductions.