New climate change communications handbook and webinar available from COIN

The Climate Change Outreach and Information Network has launched a new webinar and handbook on communicating climate change.

Have you ever struggled with how to talk about the science of climate change? Are you frustrated by climate sceptics using uncertainty – inherent in any area of complex science – as a justification for delaying policy responses? Then our new ‘Uncertainty Handbook’ is for you.

As the world’s climate scientists gather in Paris this week, ahead of the crucial UN negotiations later in the year, we’re launching a compact and comprehensive new guide to communicating uncertainty aimed at scientists, campaigners and policy-makers.

While climate change is moving back up the global agenda, uncertainty continues to play a key role in the debate. We argue in the Guardian that we can be smarter about the way we communicate – without downplaying the intricacies involved in climate models.

In 12 practical, easy-to-apply principles our handbook shows that if communicated well, uncertainty can actually be a stimulus for action.

To learn more and discuss the content with the authors, register here for our webinar on Wednesday 9 September – we’ll send you details closer to the date.

This new resource, a collaboration with the University of Bristol, was written by Dr Adam Corner, Professor Stephan Lewandowsky, Dr Mary Philips and Olga Roberts.