New sermon series: Green Philippians.

Rev Trevor Jamison

Rev Trevor Jamison

Our environmental chaplain, Rev Trevor Jamison is doing a sermon series on “Green Philippians”. The first of these entitled “Living the Gospel” is now available to download in PDF format here.

Here is an excerpt:

“So, bird boxes and bird feeders and all those other ideas for making a space for nature in our church, our communities and upon the stage of God’s creation are for me now wrapped up in the whole matter of looking to the interests of others before my own. Bat boxes and bumble bee hotels gladden the heart of God the creator and have a claim upon us. When we act, putting the interests of the “others” of creation ahead of our own interests, perhaps even Saint Paul smiles and is joyful.”

The other sermons will be added to Trevor’s web page in due course.

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