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Two years ago Eco-Congregation Scotland ran an event at the Edinburgh International Science Festival with Fazlun Khalid, head of the Islamic Foundation for Ecology and Environmental Studies (IFEES). Fazlun has just issued the latest of his Talking Point series: “An open letter to faith-based organisations represented at COP 22 in Marrakesh”.

Dear friends and colleagues,


The Paris protocol is now in force but may I just remind you that where we need to take giant strides this is only one small step for humankind. The COP process is vital and necessary but what we need overall is a paradigm shift that will enable us to leave a liveable Earth for our children. Divesting in fossil fuel investment to the exclusion of everything else is like plugging a leak in a dam that is about to burst. Let us take note that big oil is pushing a pipe line through North Dakota in the face of stiff opposition and the British Government is inviting bidders for new offshore drilling licences. And I wonder if anyone is talking to the Middle Eastern oil producers about divestment.

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