Our Common Wealth of Food: Nourish Scotland conference October 16 and 17

Nourish Scotland’s 2014 conference focuses on food sovereignty here in Scotland, with Scotland as a member of the international movement to grow and control food for the benefit of people without detriment to the planet.

On 16 October, World Food Day, Nourish Scotland will tackle the issue of local and global food justice by getting the ‘whole system in the room’.  Alongside working farmers from Commonwealth countries India, Trinidad and Tobago, Malawi and Scotland, the conference is joined by experts on international food policy from India, California, the UK, and the Food and Agriculture Organisation in Rome and by Olivier de Schutter, former UN Special Rapporteur on the right to food.

Over the 2 days we will examine what we can do to cut the 25-30% contribution of food to greenhouse gas emissions, and the wholesale destruction of ecosystems in the name of cheap food. We will question our role in reducing hunger and malnutrition, worldwide, as well as here in Scotland, where food banks proliferate alongside waste.

In Canada, the UK and USA, millions are food insecure in the midst of plenty. Leading authority on ‘rich world hunger’ Graham Riches from Canada will be in conversation with food poverty activists in Scotland and we will be hearing about the effect of India’s grain subsidy for 800 million people.

We will be talking with land reformers and trade justice campaigners about fair access to land and fair access to markets, as well as the disruptive impact of climate change – where experts Pete Smith and Tara Garnett are on hand to explain the global challenge and possible responses for Scotland.

Presenter of Radio 4’s Food Programme Sheila Dillon chairs an evening debate in the UN Year of Family Farming to ask how family farms can contribute to a better food system.

As well as making your head hurt with new information and ideas, and your heart ache with the need and possibilities for change, the conference aims to create the foundations of an ethical food policy for Scotland.

In the final session chaired by MEP Alyn Smith – who represents Scotland on the agriculture and foreign policy committees of the European Parliament – participants will look at how to take forward an ethical food policy for Scotland.

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Please also view Nourish’s Common Weal paper www.nourishscotland.org/reports-positions/ setting our ideas for a better food system.