Scottish Government, Place-based Engagement

The Climate Policy Engagement Network is an important project seeking to bring together a range of stakeholders, organisations and experts who wish to input on key climate change policy milestones delivered by the Scottish Government.

Throughout 2023, the network will focus on the upcoming Just Transition Plans and Climate Change Plan. Eco-Congregation Scotland is actively supporting this for engagement activities, providing opportunities to feedback either on policy engagement plans or directly on policy development. The network has a first ask for us to respond to over the coming week and we are keen to read views from across Scotland's Eco-congregations and our volunteers.

Place-based engagement – places and communities of special interest

Background information
During June and July 2023, the Scottish Government will be undertaking climate change place-based engagement across Scotland. To support the planning for this round of engagement, they want your views on which communities and places around Scotland they should engage with. Where would have a particular interest or experience in any of these four topics and that you feel are important to include in their place-based engagement?

1.  Transport

2.  Land use and agriculture

3. Buildings and construction

4.  Adaptation to climate change

The Scottish Government are planning to do approximately 10 in-person events across the mainland and want to make sure they reach a range of places. They will also hold 3 events across the islands, and we are considering whether these would be best held virtually to allow as broad a range of people to engage as possible.

If you have any suggestions please answer the questions below.

Eco-Congregation Scotland needs to pass on your views by Friday 28th April so please submit any answers as soon as you can.