Plan now for Earth Hour 23rd March 2013

[This is an archived news story. For up to date information on Earth Hour please click here.]

WWF have produced a useful Earth Hour Guide specifically for Eco-Congregations. You can download the 8-page Guide by clicking on the following link: Earth Hour Guide for Eco-Congregations.

This year’s Earth Hour is celebrating the power of nature – the way renewable energy can move us away from fossil fuels and help reduce global carbon emissions. This is especially important in Scotland with our wealth of wind, tide and waves.

Your congregation can play a vital role in reducing carbon emissions, increasing sustainability and engaging with your community.

Switch Off

Register your involvement online at and turn off the lights in your own home for one hour on 23 March 2013 at 8.30pm. Encourage friends, family and colleagues to get involved too.

Take Part

• Hold a candlelit service for Earth Hour (see page 6 for further details)
• Arrange for any lights in or on your church to switch off for Earth Hour
• Host a candlelit dinner party and make use of our handy dinner party guide
• Run an Earth Hour event such as a cake bake off, an Earth Hour quiz or a ‘wear it bright’ night, by digging out your brightest and most colourful clothes
• Plan a torchlight wildlife or stargazing walk to make the most of the hour of darkness


• Encouraging local community groups and other organisations to register and get involved
• Talking to local businesses and organisations to get the lights switched off on iconic or important buildings/structures in your area
• Make use of notice boards, newsletters and websites to engage members of the public and highlight your own support