Prayer/Meditation as COP begins …

[Downloadable PDF: text alone below ]

Dear Sustaining God

in Scotland, we’ve been here:

we hosted COP

and made the most

of getting together,

sticking our necks out

marching, protesting encouraging.

It did some good, thank God.

Though not enough, 

as the sweltering  Earth 

in person assures us:

breathlessly groaning, 

and lashing out.

with fire and flood and drought.

And so this time round

when still, so much could come 

of the gathering 

and mutual encouragement of nations

yet when disappointment and frustration 

seem part of the process

simply, help us 

from the outset,

to wish them well:

the scientists who compare notes

the indigenous folk, who bring wisdom

the protesters, 

who hold it all to account

and even the ludicrous greenwashers

and lackeys of pollution

that on the Road to Damascus 

or even Dubai

they may be inspired

to practice what they proclaim.

We pray for the strengthening 

of the voices of the smaller nations;

For the laughter 

that brings down unjust  thrones;

the faith that shouts Hosanna!

God Help Us!

Hallelujah anyway!

And bless and use 

the  Great Green Circus of the nations

for justice in Heaven and Earth.