Presentation of Continuing Award to Dunscore Parish Church

Dunscore Parish Church, only the fourth congregation to receive an Eco-Congregation Scotland “Continuing Award”, had the award plaque presented on Sunday by Environmental Chaplain, Trevor Jamison. Pictured received the award plaque from Trevor is Alison Boyes, founding member of the church’s Eco group.

Alison said:
“Dunscore Church has been an EcoCongregation since 2003 and gained our first award in 2005. We continue in our work as a response to the command of Jesus to “Love Your Neighbour”. In every decision our church makes, we must be mindful of the effects on our neighbours – in choosing a brand of tea or coffee to drink after the service, our neighbour is the producer who should be treated and paid fairly. In choosing an electricity supplier, our neighbours are those who will be affected by climate change caused by the burning of fossil fuels. In deciding where to keep our money, our neighbours are those who might be affected by the arms trade or the tobacco industry funded by a high street bank.”