Recycle left-over balls of wool

Are you a knitter? Would you like to knit teddies for children in hospital in Malawi?

Each teddy will be placed in a draw string bag, which is sewn using colourful materials, and which also contains small articles such as a toothbrush and paste or a pencil and notebook. Teddy knitters do not need to provide the cloth draw string bags since there are volunteers who have offered to do this sewing if necessary.

The bags with the teddies etc. will be dispatched to children in hospital in Malawi by the charity The Raven Trust

Here is the pattern for the teddies if anyone is interested in ‘having a go’.




























This is an Esk & Tweed Network initiative. If you would like to participate and are not a member of the Esk & Tweed network please contact us and we will put you in touch with the Esk & Tweed Network Co-ordinator.

Message for Esk & Tweed network congregations:  If you complete any teddies please contact your church Eco Team leader who will contact the Esk and Tweed Network Co-ordinator and arrange to have them picked up.

Many thanks to anyone who ‘has a go’!

Carlops Church and Community have supported the Raven Trust Charity over the last few years by donations of cotton clothing for children and adults and by fundraising. If you would like to hear more about its work it may be possible to arrange for a visit by someone involved.

Here is some information about the Raven Trust which was taken from the Charity’s website:

Why The Raven Trust?

There’s a story in the Old Testament where ‘The ravens brought (Elijah) bread and meat in the morning and bread and meat in the evening and he drank from the brook’ (1 Kings 17 v 6).
The ravens (- intelligent scavengers!) supplied all that Elijah needed at that time. This is a story about God’s loving provision in creation, pointing forward ultimately to his coming to Earth as Jesus to set things to rights. Following the example of these humble creatures, The Raven Trust aims to do a similar job for needy people in Malawi. It’s also a focal point for people who want do something practical to help, and it supports those working in development and Christian mission.

What we do

Over the past few years we have researched, dispatched and funded many full container loads plus several part container loads to Africa with an estimated value well in excess of £1,000,000.
We have undertaken building and maintenance projects at Mission Hospitals and rebuilt a hospital boat for Lake Malawi, written and published distant learning material on Tool Maintenance and also published our ‘Newslink’ newsletter for a network of supporters and relevant organisations.
Some of the provisions we have sent out recently include:

  • Medical Supplies (basic hospital disposables such as gloves, bandages, dressings, needles & syringes etc. Also equipment such as Ultra-scan machines, operating tables, infusions pumps, x-ray equipment, operating instruments, ECG machines & patient monitors)
  • Books and Videos (medical, educational, secular and theological)
  • Tools and Equipment (carpentry tools, saw bench and planers, metal working tools, computers, printers, cables & monitors etc)
  • Clothing (knitted goods for babies, blankets, cotton sheets, clothing etc)
  • Toiletries (soap, talc, shampoo & disposable razors)
  • Other items include mattresses, footballs, netballs, sports equipment, football strips, stationery, lecturing equipment, a ships engine and children’s playgroup toys.

The work is funded by donations and gifts from individuals, Church congregations etc. The work is not currently underwritten by any organisation or Church. It is faith at work. The Raven Trust undertakes to provide the legal framework to enable us to receive grants and process tax relief on funds. Each container currently costs about 10,000 GBP to transport to Northern Malawi plus UK costs. We find that finance becomes available as goods arrive on the doorstep and the final funds arrive in the post as the final load arrives!