Recycling for Good Causes

Ann Bethune of Selkirk Parish Church writes:

Traidcraft recently received nearly £70 from Selkirk Parish Church – mostly from old and broken jewellery and watches!

How does this work?

Traidcraft Exchange works with Recycling For Good Causes, who can turn unwanted currency, jewellery, watches, cameras, old mobiles and used stamps into vital funds.

It is very straightforward. At church, we have a box where people put their old, broken or unwanted items. When we have 10 kilos, Recycling For Good Causes will collect at no cost to us. They then assess the value of the items for recycling and send a cheque direct to our chosen charity.

Traidcraft has so far raised almost £20,000 from this initiative, and this money is used to continue their work with small-scale farmers.

It’s a win-win-win situation: you have the benefit of de-cluttering; Traidcraft can do more good work; less landfill and more recycling benefits the planet.