Scotland’s historic sites at high risk from climate change, report says.

Brough of Birsay


As reported by The Guardian:

Dozens of Scotland’s most famous historic sites are at very high risk of being badly damaged by climate change and need urgent protection, an expert survey has found.

Historic Environment Scotland (HES), the agency which oversees nearly 340 of the country’s most important castles, abbeys, Neolithic sites and ruins, has for the first time issued red warnings for nearly a fifth of its sites and put amber, high risk warnings against another 70%.

Of those, 28 sites are identified as at the greatest risk because they are not yet properly protected. Those include Fort George , a vast fortress built near Inverness after the battle of Culloden, 800-year-old Inchcolm abbey and Inchcolm island on the Firth of Forth, and the Brough of Birsay, a Pictish and Viking-settled island in Orkney’s world heritage site, threatened by sea level rises and storms.

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