Second award for St Matthew’s Church Perth!

St Matthew’s Church Perth achieved their second Eco-Congregation Award! Congratulations!

The assessors particularly commended the congregation for the following:

  • Maintaining and developing a very active Eco Congregation programme in the church for a number of years – it’s not easy to keep going!
  • The very thoughtful and creative services that they have led on the theme;
  • Keeping the message going out to the congregation through weekly advice, monthly articles in the church magazine year after year and by using the notice board;
  • Undertaking a carbon footprint, which will now be used to consider how to act to reduce this as part of the proposed sanctuary refurbishment;
  • The very active support of their members to the local Eco-Congregation network group in Perth;
  • The recent work on the church garden, which is very impressive;
  • The ‘Branching Out’ initiative in 2005 which was a very imaginative response to sharing the environmental message with fellow churches and
  • The commitment and leadership shown by Morag Green and her colleagues.

Well done!