Spirituality Workshops

Angus Presbytery of the Church of Scotland has arranged for Fr Diarmuid O’Murchu to come to run two workshops on Tuesday 13th September in Kirriemuir.

The workshops will run in the afternoon and evening with the first looking at the differences between Spirituality and Religion and the implications of a move to a more spiritual faith.  The evening session will focus on Spirituality and the Environment and Climate Change. Both sessions are prompted by Diarmuid’s book – God in the midst of change.  This is a review of his book ….

Diarmuid O’Murchu is a Catholic priest and enthusiastic commentator on the interplay between religion, science, and spirituality. He observes that an increasing number of people are feeling “dislocated and confused” during this transitional period when Christians are discovering that they must let go of some of their most cherished beliefs and ideals. The rise of an adventuresome spirituality tinged with mystical elements is changing the ways we see God, ourselves and the world.

At the same time Western civilization is being attacked from many sides and the pendulum of power is shifting from the United States to China, India, and Brazil. The patriarchy and the hierarchy are under siege on many fronts. The money crisis has taught everyone to live with less except the rich who are getting richer.

To survive these chaotic and bewildering times, we must become more resilient, flexible, and courageous. O’Murchu has some exercises to help us handle the chaos during this period of transition, such as:

“1. Use your money wisely, invest it ethically, and adopt sustainable life-practices.
“2. Aim for the ideal of living simply.
“3. Adopt a spirituality committed to empowerment in the name of justice, equality and liberation for all who are oppressed and marginalized.
“4. Remember the adage — and act on it: ‘Think globally; act locally.’ ”

O’Murchu is not cowed by chaos; in fact, he sees it as a chance for people to seek a different way ahead. Or as he puts it: “Evolution will push us into a new way of seeing, and novel ways of being.” And mysteriously moving through all this political unrest and social turmoil is the Spirit who is opening new doors and ushering us through them. Hats off to O’Murchu, the Catholic theologian who continues to impress with his keen ability to make sense of the craziness going on around and inside of us!

The afternoon will cost £5 and donations will be accepted for the evening.

Anyone interested in attending, please e-mail  Malcolm@gkopc.co.uk