St Ninian’s Craigmailen Parish Church to receive its third Eco-Congregation Award

Congratulations to St Ninian’s who have just received their Third Award. Heres what our Program Coordinator had to say:

The assessors’ report describes a very wide-ranging and impressive variety of
action, both in worship and in practical work, to support your application. It is very
encouraging for us to see a congregation like yours that is fully committed to ongoing
care of creation in so many ways and involving so many people.

The assessors particularly commended the congregation for:
your Green Guide – clear, informative, accessible to all, great checklist for quick
reference, fun ‘footers’ and great tips dotted throughout. Make sure everyone
knows about it – consider having a training session for all users, write an article
for the local press, write an article for ‘Life and Work’, take it to the next Annual
Gathering as an example of good practice to share with others. It is a terrific
Your energy monitoring and recording – the level of detail, analysis and
reporting enables you to understand how your buildings are being used and help
you identify any possible solutions to reducing environmental impact.
supporting Eco Congregation Scotland – your involvement in the local
network, attending ECS gatherings and presenting at the ‘Road to Paris’ event
are to be praised.