Stop Climate Chaos Scotland issues election briefing. #AmbitionIntoAction @sccscot

From Stop Climate Chaos Scotland:



In May 2016, Scotland goes to the polls to elect members to the next Scottish Parliament at Holyrood.

Since the last Holyrood elections in 2011, the science of climate change has grown stronger and the impacts more evident both at home and abroad. We now have a clearer picture of the toll that rising global temperatures are having on the places and people we care about, affecting many of the world’s most vulnerable communities and threatening habitats and nature on every continent and in every ocean.

Read our election briefing online now

You will likely have many opportunities to talk to your election candidates over the coming months, at hustings, online or even on your own doorstep.   Together, we want to ensure that candidates from all parties understand that their prospective constituents want them to work hard to build the fairer, greener Scotland we all need.

We have put together a briefing which tells you about seven transformational policies which we believe the next Scottish Government should adopt to secure a low carbon Scotland for the future.  The briefing also explains how you could talk about these policies to those candidates seeking your vote.