Fife Network Event – “The Environment – A Christian Imperative?”

“The Environment a Christian Imperative?”


The Fife Eco-Congregation Network invites you to an event that it is jointly organising with Eco-Congregation Scotland for all Ministers, Pastors, Priests, Session Clerks, Vestry Secretaries, laity with responsibilities for Mission and Chairs of Boards on 25th November 2013 at 7.30 pm at the Old Parish Centre, Short Lane, Cupar KY15 5EQ


The Rev Trevor Jamison of the United Reformed Church has recently been appointed as Environmental Chaplain for Eco-Congregation Scotland, a post supported by the URC. He will be talking about the Environmental Imperative for Christians, and how care for creation can help churches to become more involved with their community and with the wider world.


At a time when all churches are facing huge challenges and pressures with rising costs and shrinking congregations, is environmental concern a luxury we cannot afford? Or might it just be part of the solution?  The meeting will pose the challenge: “Can caring for creation help care for the Church?”


Trevor will speak for about 40 minutes followed by questions and discussion. The evening will finish by 9.00 pm with a cup of tea.