The Pilgrim Departs

Our Environmental Chaplain, Rev. Trevor Jamison, has begun his journey along the John Muir Way. He departs from Helensburgh today to walk to Dunbar, the birthplace of famous environmentalist John Muir, and will be visiting Eco-Congregations along the way. This post will be updated with photographs as he travels.

Trevor was accompanied at the start of the walk by local Eco-Congregation members from Helensburgh.


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Departing for day 2:


For more information see this post.

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  1. Cliff Acklam

    Well done Trevor, I hope you are travelling light. I walked back from the General Assembly along the John Muir Way, westward, but I found me knees suffering from the weight on my back. A stick came in very handy and proved an interesting conversation starter. Many people are happy to stop and chat, so I am sure you will have plenty folk to share your story and add to it. Go well, my friend and enjoy the many sights and sounds as you ‘saunter’ the John Muir Way!

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