The Spiritual Ecology Youth Fellowship Programme.

New of an exciting, in-depth “spiritual ecology” programme for emerging young leaders aged 22-30, offered by St Ethelburga’s Centre for Reconciliation and Peace, London:


The Spiritual Ecology Youth Fellowship Programme

We are looking for individuals who have the potential to be catalysts for change and recognise the need to create a future that is rooted in the values of interconnectedness, service, stewardship, and reverence for nature. The programme is aimed at emerging leaders aged between 22-30, based in the UK or in Europe. The programme is designed to offer an experience of deep study, reflection and practical project development, integrating the principles of Spiritual Ecology. A central aspect is the exploration of how the foundational values of Spiritual Ecology can be implemented into projects that create lasting change.

We are looking for participants from a diverse range of backgrounds including but not limited to: environmentalists, community builders, educators, craftspeople, farmers, chefs, designers, architects, builders, civil servants, entrepreneurs, journalists and writers, artists, musicians and film makers. The program is open to people from all faith backgrounds as well as those without any direct religious or spiritual affiliation.

The fellowship follows a nine month program and will consist of ten selected participants, all of whom will receive full scholarships for programme tuition. All accommodation for the retreats will be provided at no cost, and a stipend will be provided for travel and food expenses.

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