Three reasons you should register as an eco-congregation.


We are pleased to announce, as we approach Christmas 2016, that the number of registered eco-congregations in Scotland has increased to 378.

This probably makes us the largest cross denominational (“ecumenical”) organisation in Scotland. Eco-congregations come from an amazing range of backgrounds with congregations of the following denominations and streams of Christianity represented:

  • Baptist
  • Church of Scotland
  • Congregational Church
  • Elim Pentecostal
  • Free Church of Scotland
  • Independent
  • Methodist
  • Quaker
  • Roman Catholic Church
  • Scottish Episcopal Church
  • The Salvation Army
  • Unitarian
  • United Reformed Church


Here are three reasons you should register your congregation:

  1. Collective Action – By all doing our own wee bit for the environment and joining together we can make a real difference to Scotland’s impact on the environment. When your congregation joins it helps others who are also on the same journey.
  2. Evangelism – Being an eco-congregation helps your congregation make contact with, and engage with, people in your community who are also concerned about the environment.
  3. A Witness to Christian unity – Being part of the Eco-Congregation movement is a witness to the wider world that Christians can work together at a practical level without the need to be united on every point of doctrine and theology.

Register your congregation today  РClick Here.