Today is Earth Hour day – 8:30pm to 9:30pm

[This is an archived news story. For up to date information on Earth Hour please click here.]

The WWF Earth Hour takes place tonight between 8:30pm and 9:30pm, so digg out your candels and turn off the lights. It is an hour for reflection and prayers in our otherwise so busy lives.

Alison Boyes from Dunscore Pairsh Church has shared this wonderful prayer for Earth Hour with us. Please feel free to use it:

Uniting People to Protect the Planet 

Turning off the lights, we turn to you Creator God, seeing, in our mind’s eye, what you have made:  The beauty of stars on a dark night and the incomprehensible vastness of space. A waterfall, a fruit tree, a forest, the smile on a child’s face. Rivers, sun, sea, wind and rain to warm and nourish. A bright bird, a friendly dog, family to love and friends to cherish.  Mountains to be  climbed, dazzling flowers and bright new mornings fresh with promise.

Such generosity, such abundance! Enough for everyone IF… 
Turning  on the lights,  we turn to you, Light of the world.  Show us a way to live lightly on this earth and to share our wealth with those who need it.  Instead of squandering your gifts,  may we keep them in trust for those who come after us. 
In your loving name, Amen

WWF have produced a useful Earth Hour Guide specifically for Eco-Congregations. You can download the 8-page Guide by clicking on the following link: Earth Hour Guide for Eco-Congregations.