Tuvalu churches comment on arrival of William and Kate

Today sees the visit of the Prince William and Kate, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge , to the remote Pacific  islands of Tuvalu.

The islands once known as the British Ellice islands are a poignant stop over as their very future is uncertain.  The impact of climate change on the islands includes rising sea levels and the low lying atolls and islands are at risk of flooding and coastal damage – nowhere on the island is five metres above sea level.

Rev. Tafue Lusama, General  Secretary of the Churches on Tuvala, in a message to churches in Scotland said: ‘We are hoping that this visit will further serve as an opportunity for them to be exposed to the fate that we are in and experience what we are experiencing due to the negative impacts of Climate Change.’

We ask you to think of Tuvalu and its people and consider how out actions here in Scotland contribute to their plight,  though they be on the other side of the world.