When Christians take the earth seriously, people take the Gospel seriously.


An interesting article by Joe Ware The Church: At the forefront of environmentalism

Pastor and author Tony Campolo has said that it’s time the Church reclaimed its God-given call to tend and keep creation: “We have allowed the new age movement to highjack the environmental movement and make it their own. The result is the minute we start talking about the environment evangelicals begin to say, ‘wait a minute, you sound like a new ager’. The fact that new age people have committed themselves to something that really belongs to the Church doesn’t mean that the Church should not be involved in this.”

Wonderfully, it’s clear that the Church is responding to this call. Polling published this month by the Evangelical Alliance has found that 96 per cent of UK evangelicals believe human beings have a God-given responsibility to take better care of the environment and 77 per cent are at least somewhat concerned or taking action against carbon emissions and global warming. History has shown that the Church can be a potent force for social change and when it moves it does so powerfully.

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