Perth network event: Should the Church Be Investing in Fossil Fuels?

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2 comments on “Perth network event: Should the Church Be Investing in Fossil Fuels?”

  1. Ronnie hunter blair

    It is misleading in some ways to say the church is investing in fossil fuels when it buys shares that are already in issue from an existing holder because the money invested is not going to the company but to the investor(s) selling. It also the case that fossil fuel production such as oil gas and coal is going to be around for many decades with forecasts that in fifteen years non carbon fuels such as nuclear, hydro, wind and wave are likely to account for perhaps 20 % of world energy supply. Some alternatives to fossil fuel such as buying an electric car are potentially disastrous as the marginal supply of electricity is almost certainly provided by coal or gas burning. There is a rule of thumb that it takes 25 years for a new energy source to provide 1% of the market and this is likely to be the case for EVs. Imagine waiting to charge a car behind four other cars each taking six hours . Nightmare.

  2. Gordon Hudson

    Thank you for your comment Ronnie,
    Why don’t you go along to the meeting and take part?

    I suppose the issue is that we can’t burn all the oil or the planet’s temperature will increase and cause misery for other people.
    We need to find alternatives and wean ourselves off oil.

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