Scottish Friends of Ecumenism – Consultation 16th Feb 2013

Scottish Friends of Ecumenism has a long history of support and encouragement of ecumenical activity in Scotland tracing its origins to the early 1960’s. Though primarily associated with Churches working together, its membership has not been uncritical when progress was slow. It had been active in supporting the work and programme of Scottish Churches House until its recent closure.

We have discovered there is much that is good and exciting happening today. Individuals and groups addressing issues of peace and justice, the environment, social action, art and culture etc. There are conversations taking place across the divides of faith, culture and nationality.

It is in that context that we believe there is an opportunity to rediscover this inclusive and world-focussed ecumenical vision which challenges us to move out from our particular human made “ghettoes”

As a step towards exploring how this vision might grow in and outwith the churches, SFoE is planning a Consultation at St Mary’s Kinnoull Centre, Perth from 10.30am on Saturday 16th February 2013 till 2.00pm Sunday 17th February. SFoE extends a warm invitation to you to join us at this Consultation

We hope that from the responses, we will have a gathering of 40-50 people representing the Churches, other Faiths, Local initiatives, Art and Culture, Education and Social Action; and from a wide age range.

The pattern of this time together will be to spend the first part of Saturday in listening to each other as we hear about three areas of ecumenical experience under the headings of Action; Learning; Celebration. The three sessions would be introduced by short presentations but with ample opportunity for sharing with each other. Through this we hope to sense the differing yet mutually supportive experiences that are represented by the participants. In the final session of Saturday we would bring this together by identifying some of the common themes that have emerged

On the Sunday morning the focus will be on the future and whether the experience of Saturday leads us to a desire to continue the conversation ; and how that might be taken forward, if that seems appropriate. Sunday’s session will therefore have an open format enabling participants to map their vision of the ecumenical future in Scotland

Scottish Friends of Ecumenism therefore wish to repeat our warm invitation to you to attend this Consultation over the 16/17th February at Kinnoul. We believe that from your own involvement and experience you will have much to offer.

St Mary’s Kinnoul is probably known to many of you. It is a comfortable residential conference centre in Perth. The cost of the accommodation will be paid by Scottish Friends of Ecumenism.

For more information contact:

Rev Margaret Stewart

Secretary of Scottish Friends of Ecumenism

28 Inch Crescent, Bathgate, E48 1EU, E-mail :