Scottish Churches COP26 Pledge

Scottish Churches COP26 Pledge: Divestment and the Just and Green Recovery

We wish to demonstrate the support of the Scottish Churches for urgent action in response to the climate crisis and to support a just and green recovery from Covid-19 as Scotland prepares to host the UN climate talks, COP26 (31 October - 12 November 2021).

We believe it is unethical for Churches to invest in an industry that is harming the planet, as seen in ever more extreme and life-threatening weather events locally and globally.

We support the campaign for fossil free Churches and are conscious of the increasingly severe impact of the climate crisis, especially on people living in poverty and on all life in our common home.

We recognise the urgency of the need for a just transition from fossil fuels to clean alternatives that offers jobs and wellbeing to people in Scotland and across the world.

We commit ourselves to using our financial resources to contribute to the flourishing of God’s creation, both now and for generations to come. Therefore: 


As denominations, regional Church bodies and Christian organisations in Scotland, we commit to divest any existing fossil fuel investments within the next two years and to seek investments with positive environmental benefits and which support a just and green recovery.

As congregations we call on our national and regional Church bodies to divest from fossil fuels and will work towards divestment of our own funds as soon as possible, seeking alternative ethical investments where possible.

As individuals, we commit to review our own investments and pensions and will seek alternative ethical investments where possible.

Thanks to everyone who signed up to this pledge. Submissions for signatures are now closed. 




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