Season of Creation/Creation Time/Creationtide 2023

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Since 1989, the ‘Season of Creation’, ‘Creation Time’, or ‘Creationtide’ has grown to be  a lively  global and ecumenical movement in Christian churches, dedicating the Sundays of September and the first in October (closest to St Francis’ Day, 4th October) to worship, prayer, reflection and action on the Commission of the Risen Christ, to bring Good News to All Creation. (Mark 16:15). It’s a chance to celebrate what it means to be Church against the real, urgent and increasing  threat of climate and other environmental crises.  And to rediscover  the meaning of a distinctive human calling of justice, care, guidance and partnership  with – as well as dependence on – fellow creatures with whom we share so much.   

Our original resources, gathered and curated in Scotland, and in collaboration with the global movement,  respond with hope and openness to the God-given witness of trustworthy peer-reviewed  science. Vital too are the experiences of our sisters and brothers in Christ  around the world – including in Scotland – of changes more brutal and far-reaching than we imagined. There’s never been a more compelling reason for prayer; for  the Christian claim on hope beyond hope. And the joy  and deepening of faith we’ve seen amongst the most committed congregations in the EcoCongregation Scotland movement, sharing stories and encouraging each other, especially as we gather on Sunday, offering  worship and receiving nourishment from our Creator.

Our resources fully support the continued use of the Revised Common Lectionary, with  every passage covered, as well as ‘thematic’ material which can be used at any time of year. For the Season is ‘training’ in discerning and recycling the strong green threads re-woven every new day through the whole of our faith, as creatures of  a loving and sustaining God. 

Lectionary Material

(see Green Starters (below) from April on, for an early safety-net set of reflections on the complete Season Lectionary)

Week 1: 3rd September

Week 2: 10th September

Week 3: 17th September

Week 4: 24th September

Week 5: 1st October

MAJOR REFLECTIONS : sermon-slot location video

Thematic Section:

spiritual reflection on our relationship with Earth and fellow creatures, at any time of year

Stilling video thematic catalogue

less than 2mins 20: natural scenes with slow action, to begin a service, or time of prayer.

Green Starters (downloadable PDF)