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Treasure or trash – Let’s talk about the climate emergency

Join us for an evening of discussion about the climate emergency.

Our theme for December is “Treasure or trash“.

Have you visited a toyshop lately? So many children’s toys come with a huge amount of packaging. Plastic coated wires or screws are used to hold the toy in position within the box, so it looks perfect as you see it through the plastic window on the front of the package. What will happen to all this packaging once the toy is unwrapped? How much of it will end up in a bin- either headed for landfill or recycling.

Have you bought clothes online? Some garments are sent out by the retailer individually covered in plastic and on coat hangers, inside the postal box or bag.

Could significant amounts of resource and cost be saved by retailers reducing the amount of packaging on their products?

Perhaps you are considering what gifts to give others this Christmas. What will be important to you as make choices of gifts? Is there a way to give without so many resources being wasted? How might you have a simpler Christmas this year?

What will be important to you as make choices of gifts? Is there a way to give without so many resources being wasted?

What facilities are available in your local area to help reduce, reuse, recycle and repurpose the things you no longer need?

Join us for an evening of online discussion via Zoom. 

Monday 12th December 2022 from 7.30pm. 

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Home by another Way – Advent after COP

All videos are readily downloadable via Vimeo.:

An alternative, ecumenical, international, environmental, Advent Calendar

(Top of Page: an alternative, spontaneous Christmas message)

Christmas Message: Major reflection: on location in the Pentland Hills


Day 27: Christmas Eve Joy with the shepherds

Day 26: 23rd December No room at the inn

Day 25: 22nd December As they rejoice dividing plunder

Day 24: 21st December The vital voices for life

Day 23: 20th December The scattered proud

Day 22: 19th December Generations to come 

Day 21: 18th December John’s two fires

Day 20: 17th December The additional coat….

*******Additional note for Day 19

Day 19: 16th December: The right trees in the right place …. PLEASE VIEW NOTE (above)

Day 18: 15th December Welcome for snakes

Day 17: 14th December The Water of Life

Day 16: 13th December The shame and the lame…

Day 15: 12th December Hope & Responsibility

Day 14: 11th December Reading it right, reading it green

Day 13: 10th December Transforming the landscape

Day 12: 9th December Location and message – from Orkney

Day 11: 8th December What is wilderness?

Day 10: 7th December Informed and inspired – from France

Day 9: 6th December Called to prophecy

Day 8: 5th December Cleaning up our act

Day 7: 4th December The Trees are alert

Day 6: 3rd December Redeeming ‘Redemption’

Day 5: 2nd December Hope in Apocalypse

Day 4: 1st December Nations in turmoil over climate crisis Opening Filmed in a ‘Plenary Hall’ at COP

Day 3: 30th November The sustainable community

Day 2: 29th November Don’t look away

Day 1: 28th November The Branch of Justice