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A Low Carbon Christmas with Less Waste Laura


Join Laura Young of Tearfund Scotland, sharing sustainable and ethical Christmas tips.

Less Waste Laura is a major influencer on social media, with over 40,000 followers on Instagram, sharing advice on how to reduce waste and live more sustainably.

Tonight Laura shares fun and helpful Christmas tips on how to reduce our environmental impact and help support our global neighbours.

We’ll think about how we can buy better, live better and have an all-round sustainable Christmas. We know that things like plastics and the way we consume are impacting people in poverty the most. The work Tearfund does in over 50 countries around the world tells a story of how people are impacted by the way that we live our lives here.

Join Less Waste Laura for ethical Christmas tips and cut your carbon footprint this Christmas.

Laura Young is Tearfund Scotland COP26 Advocacy and Campaigns Coordinator and a climate activist, TEDx Speaker, Environmental Scientist MSc, Christian from Glasgow. 

Hosted by Eco-Congregation Scotland and Gate Church Carbon Saving Project.

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